President Nijad and the Israeli Extremists: The Death Wish Club

Yesterday Iran celebrated its “Army Day.”

In a speech President Nijad humbly declared Iran the “strongest country in the world.”
Of course the Iranians can't have a ball without the usual Death to America and Death to Israel chants.

I can’t think of anything that shocks the conscience the same way as these chants do. Only someone with a depraved heart would stoop to this level.

Israeli extremists are on the same page as President Nijad.

Mr. Ali Anunimah in "Anti-Arab Racism and Incitement in Israel" writes about the equally repugnant "Death to Arabs" chants in Israel that are becoming common in Israel. Palestine Center Information Brief No. 161 (25 March 2008)

‘One particularly disturbing indicator is that the chant "Death to the Arabs" is voiced not just by mobs of right-wingers angered by this or that Palestinian attack. Rather, "in the late 1990s and onwards," writes Amir Ben-Porat, a professor in the Department of Behavioral Sciences at Ben Gurion University, "'Death to the Arabs' became a common chant in almost every football [soccer] stadium in Israel." Ben-Porat, who authored a study on the use of the chant, says that because of the importance of soccer in Israeli society and its high profile in the media, "This chant is heard far beyond the stadium."[Amir Ben-Porat, "Death to the Arabs: the right-wing fan's fear," Soccer & Society, Vol. 9, No. 1, January 2008, pp. 1-13].

Extremists of all types are the same- they hate people (kind of get high on hate) that are different from them and think that they themselves are inherently better than others due to ascriptive qualities.


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