Arwa Hamad Press Statement

Imad Hamad

June 3, 2013
Press Statement

I am surprised and saddened to learn that my former husband and the father of my three children is being accused of “sexual harassment” by a woman who worked with him for FIVE months FIFTEEN years ago and another woman who worked with him as his DEPUTY for a period of 8 years but left the organization FIVE years ago.

I was married to Imad for 24 years. We have three beautiful children. Imad is a good father and has been meeting his obligations of supporting his children. Our marriage ended amicably and we reached a consent judgment. 

It was a civil marriage and a civil divorce.

I am surprised that our divorce is coming up in the context of these awful allegations. Our marriage has nothing to do with these wild and unfounded allegations. Our marriage unfortunately broke down just like that of many other Americans.

It is unfortunate that our marriage has ended. However, Imad remains the father of my children and I give him the benefit of the doubt. Imad worked tirelessly for others to have rights such as a fair hearing and fair treatment in the media. He is owed that now.

I hope the media and the public give him the benefit of the doubt.

I do  not wish to be contacted by the media. Any questions should be directed to Professor Ihsan Alkhatib who was my attorney at the time. He can be reached at 313 903 1124 and
Thank you
Arwa Hamad


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