Imad Hamad and the Unfolding Sectarian Tensions The Wisdom of decommissioning the Fire Brigade with the sectarian fires at the door?

Imad Hamad
Imad Hamad and the Unfolding Sectarian Tensions
The Wisdom of decommissioning the Fire Brigade with the sectarian fires at the door?

It is well known that sectarian tensions are sky high in the Arab world- especially in Lebanon.
Not only in Lebanon.

In Dearborn, MI and the Greater Detroit area, there is a large Muslim community. In Dearborn the majority are Shia while in the Greater Detroit area the majority are Sunnis.

As to the Shia—in Dearborn, the Shia Lebanese community is the bigger community with a small but growing and assertive Iraqi Shia community, a community which in 2012 introduced the Ashoura commemoration parade for the first time in the history of the Detroit Shia community. See the video: . For more on the Dearborn community read Linda Walbridge’s Without Forgetting the Imam.

The Lebanese Shia are the biggest Arab and/or Muslim demographic  group in Dearborn. In the Greater Detroit the Sunnis dominate numerically. This can be ascertained by a study of the Islamic centers in the Greater Detroit area and their capacity and Friday attendance. One can conclude that the Sunnis are the bigger demographic group in the Greater Detroit area- even though others such as the principals of the Detroit Arab American Study have concluded otherwise.

The Shia Arab community, in Detroit, is better organized and more politically important and involved than the Sunni Muslim community.

The tensions in the Arab world between the Shias and Sunnis are coming to the U.S.- they are coming to Michigan to Detroit and to Dearborn- make no mistake about it.

I have no doubt that law enforcement is ready for that. But is the community ready for what can arise from these tensions?

One of the community pillars that have played a critical role in reducing tensions in the community, building peace, building relationships, speaking for sense and common sense in the community, over the years, is ADC regional director Imad Hamad.

He is Palestinian. A Sunni. And he has been able to work with groups and individuals with all kinds of backgrounds.

This is not to be taken for granted.

This is crucial given that some Sunni Muslim figures have boycotted events just because the venues have been Shia Muslim centers.

The Detroit Arab and Muslim community faced a huge crisis in the aftermath of 9/11 and Imad Hamad was one of the most important voices in dealing with that crisis. Imad, along with former FBI Detroit agent in Charge, John Bell, founded the law enforcement- community forum, BRIDGES, which is held as a model and studied nationally and internationally.

Imad is a great activist  and community organizer.

Imad is a very important peace maker, tension defuser, crisis manager.
Everyone knows that.

Those who think that destroying ADC Michigan and Imad Hamad is, at worst a harmless error, are seriously mistaken.

The Sunni-Shia tensions are in Greater Detroit today. Go visit the Facebook page Dearborn Area Community Members and see the comments that have been made on Sunnis and Shia in the context of the Ashoura Commemoration and the Syria conflict.

How many Sunni Arab leaders are in Dearborn to deal with the crises that will arise?

The removal of Imad Hamad from the public scene is the equivalent of decommissioning a fire brigade when the fires are at the door.

Not smart.

Even unconscionable.
The Dearborn page:

This is a sample from the Dearborn page:

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  • Mahmood Alemour You people are in denial!!!
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  • Mahmood Alemour U wanna joke? Hizboallah is 
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  • Hysam Hammad Absolutely no good came out of this post ya majed moghni. Why are you keeping this on here perpetuating the hate. I could see if we were debating the politics behind the entire syrian conflict but people are just bashing each other left and right. Majid please remove the post brother for the sake of Allah. 

    If not for that at least so the trolls on your page will not see the ignorance in our community.
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  • Muslim Gamal لا إله إلا الله محمد رسول الله

  • Mahmood Alemour Lol you make me laugh man!!! GO DIE

  • Muslim Gamal الله أكبر ديننا الأسلام
    أشهد ان لا أله إلا الله وأن محمد رسول الله
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  • Mahmood Alemour Alaseer why u mad bro?
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  • Mohamad Ali Abbas Differents between the Syrian Army and the takfiriyeen is that the Syrian army believes that Allah is the one who protects us and every one else. But the fsa wants to protect Allah. At the end of the day other than the soldiers and the koufar that are gone, but the innocent people from eather side are humans. Why is it us that would always fight over stuff like this. Just hold your horses may the best stay standing. If these guys truly were all about La Ilah Illa Allah the amount of humans and weapons that they killed with or amount of amo thay has been used could have Palestine saved. Its a sin to slap someone in Islam but these koufat would slit someones throat open in the name of allah. Or even eay a heart of another human. Allaj is protecting syria inshala.
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  • Dana Hussein FADI BERRY you work for the dept of defense and your pro Nasrsallah and his organization? this is very scary for me and to many Americans. We should ALL Support a government that promotes peace and democracy. If it is here in the US or else where in Syria/Middle eastern. We all should have the right to vote for our leaders. No one should support an organization that is run by a bunch of men who were NOT Fairly elected by the people. I don't believe the people of Syria got the chance to vote for their leader. This simple right that we value as Americans and others would like this right as well. Mr. Berry if you are going to work for this country please don't support such organizations. It just doesnt feel right.
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  • Fadi Berry The Saudis know too well that their quest within the Middle East for complete ZionWabbi dominance is subject to face strong resistance from the Sunni's first before Shia, they also know that their satanic quest is doomed to fail unless they are able to turn this into a sectarian conformation in hopes they will gain Alliances which in return will cause many brush fires to help clear their path and bring them success under the banner of divide and conquer...The Arab peace initiative was the seed that harvested the Arab satanic spring, this is about Good vs Evil. Today its Apparent that Saudi and Israel have been working relentlessly to impose that agenda and others like it as well. they cannot deny that the actions carried out by Saudis are benefiting the Israelis and vise versa, as recent history stands Tall as a witness to such events...

  • Fadi Berry Dana hussein is nothing more than a bearded ALQaeda sympathizer is that you mike hehe
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  • Dana Hussein Fadi you are making harsh accusations here. We support the right to vote. Really its that simple. The right to vote should be given to everyone everywhere. These groups all make me sick to my stomach. Both of these organizations are horrible. They both don't promote peace and democracy.

  • Dana Hussein As an American each one of you should value your constitutional rights and hope others can replicate the same rights we have here else where.

  • Majeda Majed Imam Ali (AS):
    Ma nakashtu jahelan, ila ma ghalabane. Wa ma nakashtu 3alimin il ma ghalabtu.

    Ignorance has no cure!!!
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  • Fadi Berry Great now Abu Lahab (mike ) sent me his wife the Logs Carrier ( Ray ) AKA danna hussein to chastise me, only those who know of the Qur'an will understand the meaning of what I am saying, ask someone Mike.
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  • Mike Slymen Fadi, "defense department"!?? You're nothing more than a translator for the army that you help occupy Iraq. A hizbalshaytan supporter as well??? Makes you go hmmm. I will no longer respond to you, only to the man in the relationship known as Amal lol

  • Mike Slymen You're more bipolar than your husband Fadi

  • Mohamed Ali Abbas Taha W YA BASHARRR METLAKKK MEEEN 

  • Rawana Haidar الله وسوريا وبشار وبس
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  • Zee Moughnia Lol this was so much fun to read. First of all I'd like to point out that Wahhabism does exist because this one guy who called me a kafir identified as a 'Wahhabi/salafi' that's enough evidence for me. Secondly, anyone who sides with Alqaeda or any other extremists scares the heck outta me. Please CIA, where art thou, ship em off to Guantanamo bay before they suicide bomb fb. Thirdly, eating human flesh is inexcusable. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry when the terrorists tried justifying their buddies actions by saying 'he thought the lung was the liver' all they ended up doing was showing that they're barbaric AND ignorant. Ugh the list goes on. As far as this specific post is concerned, inshallah Lebanon stays safe from the monsters of the world. Inshallah Syria will belong to its people asap. (Notice I said its people, not foreign terrorists)

    As far as the hezb is concerned, sure they're not an infallible organization, but they have my respect for protecting Lebanon and my people all these years. They have my respect for never putting down one religion or favoring another. They have my respect for never saying Shia's are better than sunni's or otherwise. They have my respect for being one of the few orgs/governments with that balls to stand up to Israel. They have my respect for constantly trying to free prisoners of war and give aid to the Palestinians. Right now, if you believe in the Zionist movement, it's safe to say Zionism has reached at least one of its goals. They can't just start massacring all Muslims. So they set us on each other and look! We attack! Nasrallah even said he didn't want to enter suria in the beginning because that would open the floodgates of filth and make the conflict difficult to solve. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to know that every piece of extremist filth has found it's way into Syria, with weapons, whereas if they stayed home they'd struggle to find food. And these are the people trying to grant Syrians freedom of speech. That's laughable. The extremists who kill and oppress their own people daily, living in the worst economy's, want to grant the Syrians free speech. Lol the Syrians had no national debt before the war, free healthcare and education, jobs and food. Anyone with half a brain can see that the situation is much more complex than Sunni vs Shia (rather, salafi vs alawie) but I choose to side with the lesser evil and pray that the killing stops once and for all.

  • Zee Moughnia Oh btw to everyone who identifies as Shia, you can technically never win an argument with an extremist because they will ALWAYS pull out the taqqiya card. Pathetic way to debate but like Majeda mentioned above, Imam Ali (as) said, I've never won an argument with an idiot but I've always won an argument with a smart person. (Bad translation but you get the gist)
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  • Amal Hammoud Berry Mike and your more pycho than your husband Ray. Stupid wahabi. I hope they deport you, you wahabi Al quida, Osama bin Laden lover.

  • Amal Hammoud Berry Mike is upset because he can't find a wife, every time he gets close to a woman, she turns around, and catches him before he can club her and drag her back to his cave- even in his best loincloth, nobody want's anything to do with this neanderthal.

  • Nadia Amen-Chararah If we are not brothers on faith we are brothers in humanity imam ali(as) there game is working dived and concur haram may Allah send our imam mahid (as) soon
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  • Amal Hammoud Berry What Imam Mehdi (AS) Nadia? A wahabi like Mike doesnt' believe in him-- you see how he throws out Imam Ali's name like he's his neighbor? No respect. Ask him if he believes in Imam Mehdi (AS). He said Imam Mehdi is a figment of our imagination, and compared him to Bigfoot-- we're gonna think we see him, but he doesnt exist.

  • Nadia Amen-Chararah My post has nothing to so with u all fighting it is what it is they are loving it smdh peace out and inshallah Allah forgives us salaam

  • Nadia Amen-Chararah To each his own I can't worry about who believes in what it is only Allah who guides ijs

  • Mike Slymen A Wahhabi? See you just made my point of how you term Sunnis as Wahhabis whenever it benefits you.

  • Mike Slymen I'm glad the man in the relationship is back though 

  • Mike Slymen btw, who's Ray? You are a psycho...look at your rants, you're freakin nuts

  • Amal Hammoud Berry And the b*tch in the relationship is back-- go pop a Midol.
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  • Mike Slymen Wow gettin nasty now huh? You're wife left the house?

  • Amal Hammoud Berry My rants? I left yesterday, and there are about 8 lines of your barking- all bashing Shia. Wallah you wahabi's are brain dead.
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  • Mike Slymen You mean Sunnis right?

  • Amal Hammoud Berry Mike- don't take it out on me that Islam doesn't recognize your same sex marriage. It's a well known fact that wahabis like you are "lightfooted".

  • Mike Slymen geez, you have so much hate in you

  • Amal Hammoud Berry and you are egotistical to think you're that important to hate.

  • Mike Slymen tfeeh on whoever calls you a mara or lady with a mouth like that

  • Amal Hammoud Berry T'feeh on whoever calls you a son and raised to you be a kalb.

  • Mike Slymen Well you obviously have hatred for the followers of Ahl el Sunna wa jama3a

  • Mike Slymen Woof woof

  • Amal Hammoud Berry I don't speak wahabi.

  • Fadi Berry Mike tfeh 3ala aslak ya ibn alkaleb ibn zaniet jabet sarsour who barks

  • Amal Hammoud Berry You're not Ahl El Sunnah- you're Ahl Abu Yazeed.

  • Fadi Berry Go bow to kardawi ya zift

  • Dana Hussein Does everyone here live in the United States of America? There is a separation of state and religion. Basically who cares what anyone's religious thoughts are. It is about rights that every human should have no matter who they are, race, religion, gender, etc. The Syrian people need to have democratic rights like we here have. That's it! Why is everyone so mad about that?

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