Imad Hamad and the Sexual Harassment Claim- II

Imad Hamad

Rashida Tlaib

Rana Abbas

Imad Hamad and the Sexual Harassment Claim- II

 In an article in the Detroit Free Press of June 1, 2013, Niraj Warikoo wrote a story on the letter that representative Tlaib wrote about ADC director Imad Hamad’s alleged sexual harassment of former female employees that have long left the organization as well as more recent former employees.
Two long- departed employees were interviewed by Mr. Warikoo. Rashida Tlaib left the organization 15 years ago. Rana Abbas left the organization in 2008- more than 5 years ago.

None of the recent former alleged victims were interviewed or identified in the article.
Rana Abbas is the former deputy director of ADC, at the time second in command to Imad Hamad himself. She was in that top position for 8 years.
 In the interview the two women expanded on the allegations raised in Rashida’s letter adding specific allegations absent from the letter.

The allegations raised in the interview were specific- meeting the legal requirements to raise a claim of sexual harassment.
However, three concerns remain:
1.    Why weren’t these graphic and specific elements raised in the letter?
2.    If there were other alleged victims. Who are they and where are they? How come the oldest cases claimants’ are coming forth?
3.    The statute of limitations has probably run as to Rana and Rashida’s claim.
4.     If the other alleged claimants don't come forth this claim is dead in the water.


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