The Clashes in Sidon: The Confrontation the Shaykh al Aseer did not want

Shaykh Ahmad Al Aseer

Sign Pointing to Bilal bin Rabah mosque

The Shaykh al Aseer is a smart man. He knew that the plan against him was to manufacture a conflict for his group with the Lebanese army. Nothing turns public opinion against a person or a group like a confrontation with the Lebanese army. This is what the Shaykh repeatedly said.
The media reports are that the Al Aseer initiated a fight with the Lebanese army and that his group killed two officers and a soldier.

The Shaykh said in his last Friday sermon that the Mufti of Sidon had promised him to do his best to resolve the concerns of the Aseer over the Hizbollah apartments in Abra. The Al Aseer even gave him an extension of the time to resolve the matter peacefully.

If that is the case, and it is, then why would the Shaykh Al Aseer group or his supporters shoot at, of all groups and people, the Lebanese army? 

The fears of the Shaykh al Aseer are being translated into a reality. This is a set up with the Lebanese army to finish his movement.

The media is also reporting that the Masjid Bilal Bin Rabah  area is also being bombed by other factions from Haret Saida.

The media as he himself foresaw is not covering this serious development beyond reporting what the enemies and the adversaries of the Shaykh are saying.  

The ridiculous reporting of the media on this serious development is that the Al Aseer has simply decided to attack the army and pick a fire fight with it and the Lebanese people are appealed to to stand by their national army.

What rational human being would believe that this is what actually happened?

And politicians and the media and others are tripping over each other declaring their support of the Lebanese army

There seems to be no concern to know what actually happened, who benefits and how to protect the civilians who are being bombed.

We have an incomplete and misleading picture of what happened and is happening in Sidon. 

My bet is that the truth will come out that the Shaykh and his group were set up into a  confrontation with the Lebanese army, a confrontation that was manufactured by those who along with the Lebanese army are shelling and bombing the Abra mosque and its environs.


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