The Story of the Twin Lies: "ADC did not take the matter seriously and ADC did not investigate"‏-Imad Hamad IV

Imad Hamad

Rana Abbas

Rashida Tlaib

The Story of the Twin Lies: "ADC did not take the matter seriously and ADC did not investigate"‏-Imad Hamad IV
Abbas: From ADC to the Defense Contractor
        You work for an organization for 8 years drawing a paycheck. You get promoted, you get raises.  
You become second in command to # 1 in the office in Michigan. In the meantime you do a lot of good work for the organization, an organization that you believed in. Then you leave the organization for a better paying job, deputy director of corporate communications, at a defense contracting company, Global Linguist Solutions, helping the organization provide Arab linguists in Iraq. You keep ties with the organization. In fact your new employer, Global Linguist Solutions, probably upon your recommendation as their deputy director of corporate communications, SPONSORS a booth at your former employer national event. You ATTEND the national conference and you socialize and schmooze with your former co-workers. All smiles hanging out with my old buddies- and there are the pictures to prove it.

That’s THE STORY of Rana Abbas and ADC- The Arab American anti- Discrimination Committee.

And- reality is not as interesting as fiction. It never is.

            THEN on June 1, 2013 you come out in the Detroit media trashing your former employer. That is, inexplicably, destroying what you yourself and many others spent countless hours building.
What gives?

            In “Lawmaker accuses civil-rights advocate Imad Hamad of sexually harassing her,” creative writer Niraj Warikoo wrote the story of the alleged harassment based on what Rashida Tlaib and Rana Abbas told him.

But the issue is not only about Imad Hamad, Rashida Tlaib and Rana Abbas.

Trashing ADC and the Arab American Community

            It’s about ADC and the Arab American community. It’s about us. It’s not only a claim against Imad Hamad. This is a crusade against ADC itself attempting to achieve what those who work against the Arab American community have not been able to achieve- discredit and destroy the organization itself.

This is not only about Imad Hamad.

            Make no mistake about it- this is bigger than Imad. It’s about ADC itself and the Arab American community.

But- how you would ask?

            It is about ADC ITSELF because Abbas and Tlaib are alleging that ADC itself knew of the alleged sexual harassment and did not do anything about it.

            ADC is not the Washington, D.C. office and the Detroit office. We are ADC and when ADC is accused of wrongdoing the members of ADC feel at least morally responsible for it.

The allegations of these women that ADC knew about it and chose not to do anything about are simply lies, lies and more LIES.

This is what Warikoo wrote:

‘And they said that his supervisors in Washington, D.C., failed to deal with the problem.
Abbas said that “I could not wrap my mind over how a civil-rights organization that was charged with defending and protecting the rights of individuals would not protect the rights of the people who worked for it.”

“I am very concerned and alarmed that the issue of sexual harassment allegations against Imad Hamad at ADC Michigan submitted to ADC National Office in 2007 have not been taken seriously,” Tlaib wrote in her letter, which was faxed to the national ADC office.

Abbas said she helped some other women come forward in 2007, but didn’t file a complaint herself.

She said of ADC: “I don’t know why they didn’t fire him.”

Abbas said she didn’t want to go public because “I was so scared of what that would do to my family, to my husband, to my career. No one wants that stigma of having that sexual harassment complaint follow them.”

"Abbas, who was well-known for her outspoken defense of the rights of Arab-Americans in the aftermath of the Sept. 11 terror attacks, said that when ADC failed to deal with Hamad, “that was when any belief or commitment I had to the organization completely disintegrated.”’

            These are LIES.

ADC held an Investigation and Dealt Seriously with the Allegations

The matter was brought to the attention of the organization during former congresswoman Mary Rose Oakar’s tenure. The organization conducted a thorough investigation and found that there is NO EVIDENCE that Imad Hamad had sexually harassed anyone.

            If they are not lying about their harassment allegations-Why are they lying about what ADC did or did not do?

            Why say that the organization did not deal with the allegations seriously when Rana Abbas herself more than anyone else in the GALAXY knows that the organization had investigated the matter and dealt properly with it.


More on this later.


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