Iran’s so-called Presidential “Elections”

Elections are good. Elections mean the people are choosing who will rule them.
That is – unless it is Iranian elections.

Arab supporters of the Iranian regime use a familiar tactic to promote the regime against the Arab states- especially the Gulf Arab states- they say that while Iran has elections, the Arab Gulf states are
hereditary monarchies.

In The Wall Street Journal of the weekend of June 1-2, Farnaz Fassihi wrote an article on the Iranian elections entitled “Candidates Air grim Views of Iran’s Economy”:

It is well-known that those allowed to run are vetted by un-elected mullahs to determine who is “true” to the “Islamic revolution and its values” and therefore eligible to run. The un-elected mullahs disqualify the overwhelming majority of the would-be candidates.

In her article Fassihi mentions:

1 -      “Mr. Khameini has the last word in all state matters.” He is un-elected and is seen as infallible.
2.“None of the major candidates have a major popular support base and most of them are largely unknown outside the capital. However, all have close family or professional ties to Mr. Khameini.”

Elections? What elections?

Ms Fassihi’s article:


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