The Detroit Free Press's Niraj Warikoo's Questionable Reporting‏- Imad Hamad III

Niraj Warikoo

The Detroit Free Press's Niraj Warikoo's Questionable Reporting‏- Imad Hamad III

Yesterday I was interviewed by Niraj Warikoo of the Detroit Free Press. He asked me what I thought of the sexual harassment allegations. I told him that while the open letter that Rashida Tlaib issued did not raise a claim of sexual harassment, a point I made in my first blog entry on the matter, in her interview with him she raised enough facts to qualify as a sexual harassment claim. And I said that Imad should be given the benefit of the doubt. That there should be an investigation- some form of due process before summarily condemning him.

Niraj Warikoo turned around and misquoted me. This is what he stated:

‘Another ADC Michigan board member, attorney Ihsan Alkhatib, said Monday he would not resign. He said that what Tlaib alleges Hamad did to her “is not sexual harassment.”

“I’m not saying he’s a saint,” Alkhatib said of Hamad. But he deserves “due process.”’

First Warikoo misidentified me as a member of ADC Michigan Detroit chapter. I told him I am a member of the Michigan advisory board.  Second, I also told him that I am working as a professor now and not as an attorney. Third, I sent him both of my blog entries and made it clear to him that in the interview Tlaib did state enough facts to raise a claim of sexual harassment. This why there needs to be an investigation where Imad gets due process.

How could I ask for “due process” and also say there is “no sexual harassment” claim?

What was I referencing in the investigation? The JFK assassination?

The link to the Free Press article:


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