Osama Siblani reinvents himself on Arab American Constitutional Issues-Siblani’s Position: Guilty until proven innocent is fine as to ADC and Imad Hamad

Rana Abbas, Siblani's employee

Osama Siblani
Rashida Tlaib

Osama Siblani reinvents himself on Arab American Constitutional Issues
Siblani’s Position: Guilty until proven innocent is fine as to ADC and Imad Hamad

The sexual harassment allegations made by Tlaib and Abbas are not allegations against Imad Hamad alone and as an individual.

This is about ADC- from A to Z.

The open letter written by State representative Rashida Tlaib pointed an accusatory finger at the organization itself.

The Niraj Warikoo Free Press’s interview with Rana Abbas and Rashida Tlaib also pointed an accusatory finger at the organization itself.

And since we are in Dearborn a who’s who of usual suspects will find a way to inject themselves into this. And they sure did.

A community meeting was held at Osama Siblani’s Arab American News office and Osama Siblani spoke to the media in the name of the “Arab American community.”

As usual.

What did Osama Siblani- who oddly enough- identified himself as a “friend” of Imad Hamad say?

What did Osama Siblani- that Siblani- that since 9/11 has not tired of saying that in American law you are innocent until proven guilty. He has been lamenting since 9/11 that Arab Americans have been considered guilty until being proven innocent- which is unconstitutional and un- American.

Amen to that.

He is the Siblani that has always preached against jumping to conclusions and advocated for waiting for the facts to come out before making accusations.

And then come the accusations against Imad and ADC.

The premier Arab American organization, ADC, is accused of wrongdoing, on questionable grounds, and Siblani’s “friend” of many years or former friend Imad Hamad- is accused of outrageous defamatory allegations.

 How does Osama Siblani react? Is it the same script? The same lines and message?

Constitution? Due process? Innocent until proven guilty? Fairness? Etc.


The reporter noted that the meeting attendees said the accusations against ADC and Imad are “hurting their community.” 

"Hurting the community"?


The reputation of ADC.

The reputation of Imad Hamad.

The children of Imad whom everyone knows in the community.

How is Osama hurting? How is professional  “Arab American” Linda Sarsour hurting?

Why when it is about ADC and Imad Hamad there are no concerns about fairness and due process? the fairness and due process as to the ADC leadership and staff?

This is what Osama Siblani told WXYZ Detroit Channel 7:

The national organization “dropped the ball on us.”
How does he know that? How does he know? What does he mean? How did he reach this conclusion that he is presenting as a fact?

“ADC is in trouble. Because there is is a trust that has been shaken if it is not broken right now. Severely damaged.  And  I blame Washignton, D.C. and the people in Washington D.C. for not properly investigating this one when complaints were filed and they received them and they brushed them aside.”

How on earth does Siblani know what ADC national did or did not do? How does he know what national did- did he inquire with them before he made these statements?

It is clear that Osama is FRAMING this as an issue about ADC and the trust of the "community" in ADC. 

Imad Hamad is a red herring.

Siblani is accusing ADC and making conclusory statements as to what ADC did or did not do without having bothered to know all the facts.

He is harming reputations and legacies- in the name of "the community."

As to ADC- Siblani has a change of heart as to the rule of law.

Siblani, as to ADC, now stands on the opposite side of what he has been preaching all these years.


This is the link to the interview:


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